PABLO NERUDA = Always Relevant

From the prologue to World’s End:

Yes, it’s been resolved, thank you:
we still have hope.

For that reason, I wait at the gateway
for those who arrive at this festival’s end:
at this world’s end.

I enter with them, come what may.

I leave with those who set out,
and I return.

My duty is to live, to die, to live.

Remind you of anything Kirk said? I’ve already posted it, but it’s relevant to the subject:

Give me your hand.
Your hand. Now feel that.
Human flesh against human flesh.

We’re the same.
We share the same history, the same heritage, the same lives.
We’re tied together beyond any untie.
Man or woman, it makes no difference;
we’re human.

We couldn’t escape each other even if we wanted to.
That’s how you do it, Lieutenant, by remembering who and what you are —
a bit of flesh and blood,
a float in a universe without end.

The only thing that’s truly yours is
the rest of humanity.
That’s where our duty lies.


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