Body Language

Note: It has been a long time and a long year but I am going to start updating my blog again. Would love to hear feedback!

I was trained in deceit
in silence

now I am listening to the words in my body
honestly tell me
its ok to act without sense
to be a nonsensical, complication of nouns
and pronouns

when men walk by me
I want them to see something
the don’t understand, instead of something
they want to dissect

I inhabited the space
between, I did it and he made me
so well
til I was one dimensional flat
on the back of some man’s hand.

I was trained to believe
that silence is consent
and deceit equals survival

I know a thing or two about scars
see the roadmap of pain link highways,
red and back patters between my sister’s backs
between my brothers forearms
between the faces and hands of my others.

Listen to the words in your body
let them prove
your honesty.


3 thoughts on “Body Language

  1. I love you, Becca. I read your words, and I think about how we were formed similarly, but how we express ourselves differently now. Your words express something that I fumble about, and don’t know how to say, I just feel. ❤

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