So I am turning 25 today. When I was a teen I could only plan as far has getting myself to college and even after I graduated I had no idea how to continue living. But I am and adulthood is getting easier. This is a poem of advice I wrote for my sibling when I was 18 and they were turning 16. PS, I choose the beautiful comic sans font to express my feelings.


or obnoxious life lessons form an older sister

1. don’t worry about the sweet
bit, or kissing, when it’s ready
everything will be all that.

2. there is plenty of time, wait
for perfection, fall is young; rotating to maturity

3. the forest holds night all day
let yours escape.

4. the essence of the air has turned
from blackberries to frosted leaves
take your warmth with you when you go.

5. light hangs on a left over rain
drop. you hold the answers in your fingernails.

6. soft passage light is purple in tonight’s sunset.
you know your course, set it
hold it, chart it. defend it.

7. the madrone on broken point is half gray
half golden red. you are balancing a constant struggle.
keep your fire stocked and lit.

8. car alarms are common place,
we don’t hear the panic in their cries
the rain continues a lazy drizzled rhythm.
listen anyway.

9. you look more like
yourself each day
yes of course
you are beautiful.

10. 1. paint toenails
2. do math
3. finish Spanish
4. play music
5. change the world.

11. we all want to be the best of something
but all we can manage is staying alive
and saving hope.

12. you are the best at smiling
and avoiding the dishes.

13. remember that life is a universe and everything.

14. mice tap dance at night
making trails though the rafters.

15. our baskets are woven tightly
to keep old secrets secure
find the loose thread, pry gently.

16. love. hmm, comfortable and squishy,
but a single sage bush lost against the sand.
don’t believe me, just tend your heart well.
plant it in a sunny place, water thoroughly.


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