Para Gaza/For Gaza/من أجل غزة

sometimes words lay


on the page as if they

have always been there

other times they struggle

to be read and we pass 

over ignore their need.


hard words are glossed over 

hard truth is never told

we read what we want

both sides, yearn for peace.


forget rubble, don’t hear screams

read choice, read asked to move,

read terrorist, read overlooked mass graves.


don’t see terror, don’t see struggle.

don’t hear chants, rocks clinking off tanks.

cries of anger, grief, relief

*we lived this once*

ignore the unreadable words.

over a 1000 children murdered.


choose peace, choose inside your intact 

home, choose both sides, don’t choose.

live well, go to the farmers market, got to the rally,

read the words gently before bed

go fast into peace dreams.


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