Two Island Poems

Author’s Note: I just bought a 29′ Islander Sloop. It is my new home and makes me think of my home island. Here are two water filled, tree lined rock solid poems. 



Island Deer: Water Memory



one— a doe’s head

nose licking waves

glides slowly

across the channel

from island to island


eyes glinting. she steps



returns past rocky beach

to Doug Fir, Cedar, Salal.


two— he reaches

for the canteen

to clean his hunting



water and blood

together on the grass


three—fawn lean

really, they jump

butts flipping sideways

in spring

over fresh rain puddles


four—she follows the thin

trail, through tall grass

from deer next to duck weed

covered pond.

kneels, does not drink


five—deer are dying

of starvation.

over populated

under hunted

they drop, empty stomached

but soon soaked

in winter rain.



No One is Coming: the Islanders Lament


there are many stories

we can never tell

submerged in water

and drawn out as high

tide leaves

to linger in the channel

no one is coming.


nothing could be said

of this life

to make the living



we breathe in and out

with the waves

with the ebb and flow

with longing and leaving


the sound brings us home

and strands us still

in every gust


seeking each shell

and broken bottle


our stories, trapped

we glare

lips tight. salty

in the bow spray.




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