three fall poems

Coming up

I’ve said all

the sad things

and must start

with happiness

you too Libras

still alive

after so many attempts

so strong

after so much terror

so brave

after so much hate

so living

after so much death

I cannot imagine

anything more beautiful

then you too


laughing together

in our old town

the one we

all came

to adulthood

inside and through





true, you two

bring out everything

worth it in me

I too, am smiling

in your memory.

Hurting Us

don’t fucking tell me

“hurt people hurt people”

he chose to

come into my baby room

when I was 3

he chose to

hold a gun

to your head

and turn you over

he chose to

call you to his room

that day in 5th grade

he and he choose

to take turns

when you were too tired

to fight back

we lie in this world

and cannot change our oppression

hurting together

but we choose

and that

is the moment

between salvation and destruction.

Living Room Wars

I see you

arms up

claiming the world

I see her

in my memory

as his belt

lands again

on 3 year old

bare back

light brown skin and blood

I see the red

bomb flares

I see the skeleton houses

I see your death

and our rebirth

as we visualize

eachothers memory,

cling together

for lost childhood

for lost children

for it to end


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